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Adding multiple inboxes/email addresses

Can I forward emails from more than one email inbox?

Yes, you can set up multiple email addresses under Admin>Emails. Please refer to this section on 'Setting up an email address' for specific instructions on how to add more addresses.

Can I automatically assign tickets to agents/groups based on the email?

Yes! You can automatically assign tickets to agents/groups or add labels (or both) based on the email address, body, subject, etc. using filters. Please see Working With Filters for more help.

When I reply from SupportBee, what name shows up as the sender?

You can find out the name associated with an email address added under 'Admin >Email' by clicking on the 'gear' icon and choosing 'Settings'. 

Under the section 'Reply Name', you will be able to see if the agent's name or your company's name shows as the sender. This setting can be changed according to your preference.

Can I set up an Auto Responder for new tickets?

Yes, please see our page on Setting up an Auto Responder.

Can I forward emails received at a personal account to SupportBee?

Customers may occasionally email one of your agents at their personal support address. In this case, the agent can forward these emails to SupportBee, and we will create a ticket on behalf of the customer. However, this will only work if:

  • The Fwd: Subject format is in English
  • The body of the email contains the customer's email address as 'From: [email protected]' (Outlook/Gmail mobile do not have this)
  • The email is forwarded from an email address registered as a user with SupportBee

If any of these requirements is missing, we will generate a comment on the ticket with the error - 'We were unable to parse the original sender of the ticket from the forwarded email. The requester of the ticket is currently the agent who forwarded the email'.

If this happens, you have the option to manually change the requester's address by clicking the address listed below the customer name/avatar in the right-hand section of the ticket's interface.

Can I selectively forward my support emails?

Yes, you can use the filters in your email client to selectively forward tickets.  For Gsuite/Gmail, here are the instructions for using filters. For other clients, please see the support documentation for that client.