Setting up

How can I setup my Knowledge base site?

 Here are the steps to set up your Knowledge base site: 

  • Visit the option KB in the left navigation panel in your SupportBee account
  • Click on ‘New Site’
  • Fill in the relevant details and click in ‘Create Site’

 Your site will be ready to have content added to it.

Can I set up multiple sites?

Yes, you can set up multiple sites. But the number of sites that you can set up depends on the pricing plan you are in. Please visit Admin > Billing to know your plan’s limits.

Can I unpublish my Knowledge base site?

 Here are the steps to unpublish a site:
Visit KB > Site settings 
Uncheck the ‘Published’ option
Click on ‘Update site’
If you have more than one site in your account, choose the appropriate one from the ‘Choose site’ option under KB before taking the steps to unpublish a site. 

Who can view unpublished sites?

Unpublished sites can be accessed by all users of your SupportBee account, but it is not available to view for the general public. Unpublished sites can be used as a private site for your company’s internal reference. 


Can I add my Google Analytics tracking code to my Knowledge base site?

You can add the tracking code to your KB site by visiting Kbee > Settings > Tracking.


How can I delete my Knowledge base site?

 Currently, we do not offer the option to delete a site from the SupportBee interface. Please write to [email protected] to request deletion.