Configuring an SMTP Server

Is it necessary to configure an SMTP server?

No, by default we can deliver emails to your customers without any configuration. There are some cases, however, where you might want to use an SMTP. To ensure delivery, we sign emails as, and some email clients show a "via" string when showing emails. If you want to avoid this, you can use your own SMTP server.

Also, some servers might incorrectly tag the signature as spam. Using an SMTP server will ensure emails are signed by your name and address, without our signature.

Using your own SMTP server also has the added benefit that all your emails are backed up on your server.

How do I configure an SMTP server?

First of all, you need to know the SMTP settings for your specific email provider. For example, here are the settings that you need for Gmail/ Once you have those settings, proceed as follows:

Select 'Admin' from the top left menu

Select 'Email' from the left-hand menu, then click on the 'gear icon' of the address you wish to update

Click on 'SMTP'


  • Fill in the fields with the SMTP settings for your specific provider



  • Click 'Save'. This may take up to 60 seconds as we verify the settings and attempt to contact your SMTP server

Can you monitor/troubleshoot my SMTP server?

We are unable to monitor your SMTP server for any issues. If you configure SMTP, we will be unable to troubleshoot any delivery issues. This is an advanced setting and recommended only for advanced users.

It's not working! Help!

Troubleshooting your SMTP server will depend greatly on your specific email provider. However, there are two common issues that will cause the setup of SMTP in SupportBee to fail:

  • Check the port and security settings for your client. If the port settings are incorrect (for example Gmail will need port 465 or 587) then your SMTP setup will fail. The security settings must also be correct (TLS and StartTLS are not interchangeable)
  • Check that your email client is allowing the connection. Many email clients will block attempted connections as 'unknown'. You will have to allow the connection (SupportBee connection attempts will show a location of Germany). For example, Gmail by default will block logins from 'less secure apps' (by which Gmail means Outlook, Thunderbird, and pretty much anything that isn't their API). You have to explicitly turn on the option "Allow less secure apps" by visiting

If you have any other issues with setting up your SMTP server, don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.