Adding Users

One of the benefits of SupportBee we are most committed to is the ability to easily add multiple users to your account. For most teams, large or small, the support process will involve various members of the company from various departments, and we believe that collaboration is the key to good customer service. We're huge fans of not penalizing a company for wanting to involve everyone in the process. If the goal is great customer support, then by all means everyone should be involved in bringing that!

Adding users to your SupportBee the second step in your setup process. At SupportBee, we are believers of ‘All Hands’ support where every member of the organization contributes to the support process. Our unique pricing model makes this very affordable. Adding everybody in the organization by assigning appropriate user roles brings about effective participation and collaboration among team members.

How can I add users?

Adding users to your account is fast and easy, and can be done right in your ticketing interface. No complicated setup or lengthy steps, SupportBee will take care of the details. To add a user to your account:

Select 'Admin' from the left hand menu

Select 'Users' from the left hand menu

Select 'Add a New User'

Enter the user's email address in the popup

Enter the user's information-First and Last name, and selected role. There are 3 roles assigned to any user: Admin, Agent, and Collaborator. An Agent can reply to support tickets, and also assign tickets to agents and group. An Admin can make changes to the account, such as editing and adding users, or making changes to the email addresses and groups. Collaborators can see tickets, comments, and replies. They can add comments to tickets, but cannot assign, reply to, or trash tickets. For more information about permissions, see the help section for user permissions

Add the user to a team (if desired) and set their notification settings. The user will also be able to adjust notification settings later if desired.

Once you click 'Add User', you're all done! An email invitation will be sent to the user, and once they accept they can immediately begin replying to tickets. It's really that simple!

How can I edit a user's notification settings?

You or the user can edit their settings at any time, for example to make changes to notification settings. Follow the same instructions as above, however instead of selecting to add a new user, select the 'Edit User' option from the desired user's portrait.

Note that, by default, most notification settings will be turned on for agents. This is to ensure that nothing is missed in the event notification settings are not customized right away.

How can I remove a user?

An admin can remove an agent at any time by selecting the 'Delete' option under the user.