Adding CC and BCC to replies

How do I add CC or BCC in my replies?

When you open a ticket, right on top of the 'New Reply' section you will see the options for CC and BCC. Click on those to add the email address that you want to CC or BCC.

Can I add multiple addresses in my CC and BCC?


Can I CC or BCC people that are not added as agents in the system?

Sure! You can add anybody in the CC and BCC. For people that are already added as agents in the system, you will have the convenience of auto-completion for their email addresses.

How do I remove a CC or BCC?

Click on the 'x' icon next to the CC'd or BCC’d email address to remove addresses that you don't need. These can be removed prior to sending, or before adding a reply to an ongoing conversation.

For information on adding a default BCC to all your tickets, see Setting Up an Email Copy on All Replies.