Commenting on a ticket

What are comments?

Comments provide an easy way to collaborate on support tickets. If you need input from another agent without assigning the ticket to them, you can use the comment feature to add input or request input from someone else.

How do I comment on a Ticket?

Just below the ticket body on the ticket page, you will see a tab titled 'New Comment'. Click on it and scroll down to the 'New Comment' section to add a comment.

Can my customers access the comments?

No, comments can only be accessed by agents within your helpdesk. They are never visible to your customers or anyone without access to your helpdesk.

Who is notified of new Comments?

The following users are notified of a new comment

  1. Current assignee of the ticket
  2. User who posted the last comment
  3. Any agent tagged in the comment

Can I notify somebody else about that comment?

Yes, you can tag other users in comments to notify them. To tag an agent, enter @ symbol in the comment window and we will show you a list of agent names to filter and select from. You can keep typing their first name to filter better. You can tag as many users as necessary, and they will receive a notification.

Are tagged users notified by email about the comment?

Yes, an email will be sent to all users tagged in the comment. They can reply to the notification email and a comment will be posted to the ticket. The same rules for tagging agents apply to comments posted by email.