Using Images in Tickets

SupportBee allows the use of inline-images in ticket replies. Instead of being limited to using images as attachments, images can be integrated directly into a reply.

Using inline-images within a ticket reply

Inserting an image into your reply is very easy in SupportBee. To insert the image, simply click and drag the desired image into the desired location inside the reply field. You have options to resize the image once it is added into the field.

Please note that we do not support copy/past-ing of images in the ticket editor.

Images can also be added as attachments, however using images directly in the reply removes the need for the recipient to open/download the attachment. For example, if you are instructing a customer on the use of a particular feature, you can add screenshots or visual illustrations directly into your reply along with text instruction.

Using inline-images in auto-responders

You can also insert images directly into auto-responders for both new tickets, and auto-notifications for archived messages. The process is identical as the process for a regular reply, simply drag and drop or copy and paste them into the message field.