Handling trash and spam tickets

How do I handle spam or trash tickets?

If you have tickets arriving that are spam or unnecessary, there are two ways to address the issue:

Mark the tickets as trash/spam. Tickets can be marked as trash/spam from the main ticket interface, or from a specific ticket window. Any ticket marked as trash or spam will be automatically moved to the trash and spam folders. They will not be counted against your monthly ticket limits.

Setup filters in your email client prior to forwarding them to your SupportBee account. This will ensure that personal emails, spam, trash, and any irrelevant emails do not end up in your SupportBee account. For information see Forwarding Your Support Emails

Do spam or trash tickets affect my plan limits?

Note: This only concerns customers who are under SupportBee's older volume pricing model.

Normally, tickets marked as trash or spam will not be counted against your ticket limits. There are 2 exceptions to this:

You may not trash/spam an amount of tickets greater than your monthly limit. For example, if your limit is 2000 tickets/month, then you may only trash or spam up to that amount.

Any ticket marked as trash or spam after an agent has replied will still count against your limit. Tickets that have had agent replies will always be tallied for the month.

Note that these features are in place to protect all our customers and ensure fair usage for everyone.