Ticket States

Unlike traditional email ticketing systems, tickets in SupportBee are categorized in simple, easy to follow pairs: Answered/Unanswered, and Assigned/Unassigned.

Unanswered - Answered

When a ticket is created, it is automatically unanswered. When you reply to a ticket, it is marked Answered and it is moved to the Answered section. It stays in the 'Answered' section until you Archive it. If the customer replies back to the ticket, it is marked as 'Unanswered' again so you can quickly see that it has new customer replies.

Can I change a ticket state manually?

Yes, you can manually mark a ticket as unanswered or answered. For example, if a ticket is marked as answered but still needs agent attention, you might want it to be marked as unanswered to ensure the agent doesn't forget the ticket. From the ticket interface, you can select to mark the ticket as Answered or Unanswered, regardless of the last reply on the ticket.

Note that after changing the state manually, a reply on the ticket will still trigger the automatic change to ticket state. For example, if you set a ticket as answered, and then the customer replies to it, the state will automatically be set as unanswered.

Unassigned - Assigned

When a ticket is created, it is automatically unassigned (unless you have a filter that assigns it). You can assign a ticket to an agent or a team by selecting the ticket, then selecting the 'Assign' drop down menu from the option just above the ticket. You can also assign tickets in groups by checking multiple tickets from the inbox, then selecting the 'Assign' drop down menu and selecting an agent or group.

Any ticket assignments are shown beneath the ticket title when viewing a ticket. To remove an assignment, simply click the 'x' next to an agent or group name. This will return it to 'Unassigned' status.


You should 'Archive' a ticket if you have resolved or finished with it. Archive is like closed without the side effects (like having to re-open etc). We also record the time it took you to archive the ticket and give you a report on the average time to archive.

Please not that if a ticket is archived and later unarchived, it will automatically be marked Unanswered, even if the last response was by an agent. For example, if an agent answers a ticket, then archives it in error, unarchiving it will mark it as unanswered even though the agent has responded.

You can see all your Archived tickets by visiting 'All Tickets' and filtering by selecting 'Archived' in the state dropdown.