Managing Private Tickets

What are private tickets?

Tickets with restricted visibility are called private tickets. The contents of a private ticket can be viewed only by admins, and assignees if any.

How can I mark a ticket private?

The following are the three ways to mark a ticket private:

By manually marking individual tickets as private

Tickets can be marked as private on an individual basis. On opening a ticket you will see an "unlocked-icon" to the right of the ticket’s subject. Admins can toggle the visibility of a ticket by clicking on this icon.

Private tickets

By assigning tickets to private teams

A company can have private teams, and by doing so, all tickets assigned to these teams will be marked private, thus viewable only by admins, and members of that team.

When creating or editing teams, you will have the ability to check the ‘Mark as private’ option. Checking that option makes a team private, and tickets assigned to the team can now only be viewed by admins, and its members.

Private Teams

By setting up filters

You can also setup a filter that would mark specific tickets as private. While creating or editing filters, you can check the option ‘Mark the ticket as Private’. All tickets that satisfy the filter criteria will be marked as private.

Are agents allowed to mark a ticket private?

No, only admins are allowed to mark a ticket private.

Do private tickets appear in the ‘Unassigned’ list?

No, private tickets do not appear in the ‘Unassigned’ list. However, they are listed in the ‘All’ tickets screen with a lock icon to indicate that they are private. Only admins can view the contents of private tickets.