Attaching files to tickets

How can I attach files to a ticket?

You will see the option to attach files in the bottom right corner of the reply editor. You can either drag and drop your file or select the file from your computer. If using drag and drop, you can drop a file anywhere in the message box and it will automatically attach.

File or image attachments in replies


For attaching images, follow the same instruction. Note that any image dropped inside the message box will be attached inline with the message. For more information about image attachment, see inline-images.

What are the limits to attachments?

There are a couple of size limits to keep in mind when attaching files.

Incoming attachments (tickets sent to your SupportBee) are limited to 100mb in size.

When attaching files to outgoing tickets, there is a limit of 20mb to the attachments. There can be any number of files, but the total size of all attachments cannot exceed 20mb. So, for example, if you have one attachment of 13mb, the maximum of all other attachments cannot exceed 7mb combined.

Note that both of these limits are measured per reply, not per ticket.