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Administering Billing and Plan Options

Plans and Billing

What is the billing frequency?

Our plans are charged on a monthly or annual basis. You can change the frequency of your payment at any time by following the instructions below. Note that selecting an annual payment plan provides 2 months free, so you will only pay for 10 of the 12 months.

What are the plan options?

We have a variety of plans available, designed to offer options for customers ranging from small startups to large volume companies. We have a detailed list of pricing and payment options.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

Yes, we do. We offer a 25% discount for non-profits and 501c3 corporations. To take advantage of it, simply notify us after signing up for a plan and we will offer you a discount code.

Do you offer any other discounts?

Even if you don't qualify for the non-profit discount, you can still save money on your bill each month by referring your friends to SupportBee! Each referral will earn you a 20% discount for a year. So refer 5 friends in a year, and your discount is 100%! Also, anyone you refer will receive a 10% discount as well. For more information, and to see shareable links and the coupon code, simply select 'Refer a Friend for 20% additional discount' under the 'Save On Your Bill' section.

Modifying Billing and Payment Options

SupportBee allows for quick and easy changes to your account and billing options. From the ticketing interface, you can change your billing frequency, plan type, and your payment type. Our billing page also provides an overview of your account activity to allow you to determine whether your current plan suits the monthly activity in your account.

For a detailed look at your account activity, see our Reports feature.

How can I change my billing frequency?

You have the option to select between annual or monthly payments, and this can be changed at any time between your billing cycle. If you select to change your payment frequency, you will receive a prorated credit for the time remaining on your account. To change your billing frequency, from the ticketing interface, while logged in as an admin,

Select ‘Admin’ from the menu at the upper left-hand corner

Select ‘Billing’ from the left-hand menu

Select the desired frequency from the drop down menu

Note that selecting the annual payment option will include two free months. I.e. you will receive 12 months but only pay for 10.

How can I change my plan?

At any time you can change the type of plan you are subscribed to, based on a permanent increase in your needs, or a temporary one. For example, if you have a month with greater than average ticket volume, you can change your plan type for the month, and return to the previous type when your ticket volume returns to normal. Note that if you choose to downgrade your plan in the middle of the month, the difference from your previous payment is prorated and applied to the next bill. To change your plan, from the ticketing interface while logged in as an admin,

  • Select ‘Admin’ from the menu at the upper left-hand corner
  • Select ‘Billing’ from the left-hand menu
  • Select 'Change Plan' from the 'Billing Settings' section
  • Select the desired plan, and click ‘Choose’

Note that any plan change takes effect immediately.

How can I change my payment method?

You can update your payment method at any time to use a new card. To change your payment method, from the ticketing interface while logged in as an admin,

  • Select ‘Admin’ from the menu at the upper left-hand corner
  • Select ‘Billing’ from the left-hand menu
  • Enter the payment information you wish to use

How can I view receipts?

SupportBee will automatically send out a receipt each month with details of your payment and plan. You can view your receipts, or change your receipt settings at any time:

  • Select 'Admin' from the menu at the upper left-hand corner
  • Select 'Billing' from the left-hand menu
  • Select 'Download Receipts' to view any previous receipts

To make any changes to your receipt settings, for example, add an email address for the receipt to be sent to each month, follow the same steps as above, but select 'Receipt Settings'. From here you can add multiple recipients, remove recipients, and add company name and tax info.

Trial Information

We offer a 14-day free trial as an opportunity to test our software. There are no limits on functionality during the trial; you can use the full array of options available in every plan during the trial phase. We provide the same level of personal support for trial members as for all other users.

If for any reason you need to extend your trial to continue testing the software, you can do so from the ticket interface while logged in as an admin:

  • Select ‘Admin’ from the upper left-hand menu
  • Select ‘Billing’ from the left-hand menu
  • Select ‘Extend my trial’

We are also more than happy to offer a demo of any or all of SupportBee's features. To request a demo, go to our appointment scheduler and select a time that is convenient for you.

Canceling an Account

If you need to cancel an account for any reason, you can do so directly from your ticketing interface.

When logged in as an admin, select 'Admin' from the upper right-hand menu, then select 'Billing' from the left side. Click 'Cancel Subscription and Remove Credit Card'. You will be prompted to confirm your decision.

Prior to canceling your account, please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist or any way we can make your experience better.