Automatic spam filtering

Does SupportBee take care of spam?

You have the option to enable spam filtering for any of your support addresses. While logged in as an admin from your ticketing page:

  1. Click on the ‘Admin’ link in the top right section of the ticket screen
  2. Click on the ‘Email’ tab under ‘Set up’
  3. Select the address you wish to filter
  4. Select 'Update the Basics' under the 'Basics' section
  5. Click 'Optional Settings'
  6. Check the option 'Run a Spam Filter on All Incoming Emails’
  7. Click on Update the Basics

This will make sure that any email that looks suspicious will be automatically marked as ‘Spam’.

Can I selectively enable this feature for the addresses where we see spam?

Yes. If you are forwarding emails from multiple inboxes, you can choose to turn on spam filtering only for addresses where you see spam. It is generally advisable only to turn on spam filtering if you are having an issue with spam.

Will I be able to view tickets that are marked ‘spam’?

Tickets marked as spam can be viewed in the 'Spam' folder for 30 days. If you have issues with missing tickets you can check the spam folder.

Why are some of my tickets being marked as spam?

Here's how spam filtering works. A ticket can be marked as spam in any of the following ways

* Manually by an agent
* Automatically by a filter in Admin > Filters
* Automatically by spam filtering because the ticket has suspicious content
* Automatically by spam filtering because another ticket from the same customer was previously marked as spam by an agent. To prevent spam filtering from marking tickets sent by a customer as spam, mark any one of the customer's tickets that have been marked as spam as not spam. From then on, spam filtering will never send tickets sent by that customer to spam (even if the ticket has suspicious content).