Working with Collaborators

In addition to our normal user levels of Admin and Agents, SupportBee offers a third level: Collaborators. Interaction and collaboration between members of a company or a support group is very important, but not everyone has the time or desire to login to the helpdesk and use the full interface, and not everyone needs to have access to tickets for reply purposes.

In these cases, your team can add additional users in the form of collaborators. A collaborator will have the ability to login and see tickets, comments, and agent replies on tickets. They can add comments to any ticket they have access to, but will not be able to reply, archivetrash, or assign a ticket. This feature can be especially useful in cases where your support agents need input from other departments. For example, perhaps a ticket could use input from a developer, or member of the sales department. That individual doesn't necessarily want or need the ability to directly handle the ticket, but making them a collaborator on the account will give them the ability to add a comment with their input.

How do I add collaborators?

You can add collaborators using the same method as adding agents to your helpdesk. While logged in as an admin:

  • Select 'Admin' from the upper left hand menu
  • Select 'Users' from the left side menu, or click 'Users' under the quick access options on your screen
  • Select 'Add new user' or select the User you would like to modify if you are changing an agent to a collaborator
  • Select the 'Role' dropdown option, and choose the appropriate type (in this case Collaborator)
  • Select 'Update' and you're all done!

Collaborators will see a simplified interface, clear of all unnecessary options and information, leaving them to easily and simply access the tickets and give the necessary input without having to sift through a lot of information.

Note that at this time collaborators activity is not reflected in the reports section.