Understanding User Permissions

SupportBee accounts have 3 levels of user permissions: Admins, Agents, and Collaborators. While all have access to basic interface features, there are a few considerations to make when selecting or setting up an account type.

Note that there is no limit on replies and ability to answer or comment on tickets between agents and admins.

What is the difference between an agent and an admin?

An admin has a few privileges that an agent does not have. Those include:

  1. Ability to manage company settings
  2. Ability to manage users
  3. Ability to manage labels
  4. Ability to manage teams
  5. Ability to create, test, and delete Web Hooks
  6. Ability to manage integrations to your SupportBee
  7. Ability to view reports and reporting functionality

Collaborators are special users on your account that can view tickets, replies, and comments, as well as add comments to a ticket. However, they cannot reply, assign, or trash a ticket. For more information on the collaborator role, see the details for working with collaborators.

How do I change the role of a user?

The permission to change the role of a user is restricted to the admins. While logged in as an admin from your ticketing page:

  1. Click on the Admin link in the top left corner of the main page
  2. Choose the 'Users' tab
  3. Click on 'Edit' for the user whose role you want to change
  4. Choose the appropriate role
  5. Click on 'Update User'

Is there a limit on the number of agents or admins?

No, you can add as many users as you want with any permission level. There is no limit on the number of admins you can create, so if you want all your users to be admins, you're welcome to set it up that way.